Spadek wydajnoci gier (5-70%), problemy z dziaaniem, zwikszone zuycie energii (chocia w tym wypadku tylko kilka %) pomimo kilkuletniej pracy nad driverami przez NV i ATI. Najwikszym osigniciem (wedug autorw) bya "Wydajno prawie taka sama jak na windows XP w grze FEAR". Pomijajc brak sprztowego wsparcia OpenGL.

Wydaje mi si, e gdyby postawi XP na pce obok Visty - mona by odnie wraenie, e te pierwsze jest technologicznie kilka lat do przodu. Jaki jest sens cakowitego przeprojektowania systemu graficznego, jeli dostp do sprztu zostaje cakowicie odcity nawet dla sterownikw, cao dziaa lamazarnie a jedyna opcja eby to oprogramowa to uycie topornego i do "nieprzyjemnego" w programowaniu DX.

The experience I had with AMD's first Vista driver was much more positive. Most of the games I tested showed to be on very close performance levels to those we expected from Windows XP
It may seem like my testing with gaming performance in Vista all resulted in a feeling of doom (nope, no OpenGL support!) and gloom, but don't let that scare you off just yet. I think we all expected there to be some initial growing pains with the Vista operating system and PC gaming simply because of the dramatic shift in driver technology that had to take place; I just don't think we expected it to be this bad. AMD's driver development team is definitely a leap ahead of NVIDIA's
They full admitted that OpenGL performance was going to be lower than we expected in Windows XP
I very obviously was let down by the Windows Vista gaming experience. I didnt' get to test as many games as I would have liked for this review due to the tight time restraints put on me by the driver availability, but in the games that we did go through only one of them was what I would call a "win" for NVIDIA: FEAR. In FEAR the performance under Windows Vista was nearly at the same levels we had seen in Windows XP and didn't present any issues in compatibility or stability. I guess I'd have to say that Call of Duty 2 performance was also acceptable even though we had to use control panel AA settings instead of in-game AA settings.